Exigo Optical Eyewear started when a concerned father decided to become proactive. After staring at a computer screen all day, Ron started to feel the effects of blue light exposure. Upon arriving home, he saw his two young children were occupied by digital devices. “Do they feel the same way?” he asked himself.

So, for the next few days Ron studied his children’s device usage and asked them how they were feeling. The kids communicated their symptoms as best they could but, it was obvious they were suffering. Ron knew at that moment that this was a real problem that must be affecting parents and children all over the world.

He searched out and brought together shatterproof, protective, lenses with the highest level of blue light filtration available and put them in fun, kid-friendly frames and cases.  Our lens are infused with proprietary pigments and dyes to mimic the way your eye naturally protects itself against blue light, without distorting color.  Our lenses are made of a shatter-proof, poly-carbonate material providing UV light protection, anti-reflective coating, a scratch resistant surface and the highest blue light filtration available.

At Exigo Optical Eyewear, we wear these glasses, our kids wear these glasses, because our health is important and we deserve to be protected.